Don’t Call It Cookies

  • Don't Accept These Cookies

Sink your teeth into Cookie Studio’s delectable 2D After Effects film, where we’re serving up a tasty twist on internet safety! Join our animated adventure through the digital world, where ‘cookies’ aren’t just snacks—they’re bits of data that follow us online.

This campaign isn’t just entertaining—it’s a flavorful feast for the eyes and the mind. Get ready to indulge in a delicious blend of fun and education, as we redefine ‘cookies’ for kids everywhere!

Making Of


Forever Beta

Direction & Production
Cookie Studio

Creative Director
Thiago Maia

Josephine Brown

Alexis Rabeuf & Dilan Gama

Silvia Villar, Gustavo Radelsberger, Saulo De Castro Gabriel Rocha & James Hatley

Cel Animation
Josep Bernaus Valls