Not Too Late

  • Environmental Edibles

Allow us to introduce “Not Too Late,” an award-winning film originally conceived for the OFFF Bogota 2020 festival titles, but sadly canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This poignant film delves into the heart of the animal kingdom, a realm we are sadly diminishing with each passing day. “Not Too Late” serves as a wake-up call, shedding light on the devastating impacts of human actions and aiming to inspire change.

Crafting this stunning animated short was a labor of love. We ventured to the beach not only for inspiration but also to do our part in cleaning up the debris littering the shores. From this collected rubbish, we meticulously crafted 90 textures, infusing our film with a raw, authentic essence. The unique visual style seamlessly blends 2D animation with cel animation ingredients, resulting in a cinematic experience that’s as striking as it is thought-provoking.

Making Of


Direction & Production
Cookie Studio

Creative Director
Thiago Maia

Josephine Brown

Alexis Rabeuf, Julia Olsson & Silvia Villar

Rodolfo Guarnieri Batista

Art Direction
Alexis Rabeuf

Character Design
Alexis Rabeuf & Julia Olsson

Alexis Rabeuf & Julia Olsson

Character Rigging
Silvia Villar & Aleksander Saharovsky

Character Animation
Silvia Villar, Aleksander Saharovsky & Thiago Pinho

Silvia Villar, Gustavo Radelsberger & Alexis Rabeuf

Cel Animation
Marcio Perrella Junior

Clean Up
Silvia Villar & Gustavo Radelsberger

Cel Animation Texturing
Silvia Villar

Thiago Maia, Silvia Villar & Gustavo Radelsberger

Sound Design & Music Composition