Graphika Manila

  • Opening Your Taste Buds

When the festival invitation landed in our inbox, we knew we had to cook up something truly special – a dish that not only resonated with our discussion on mental health but also struck a chord with the people of the Philippines. And so, the idea of a Jeepney Race was born.

Our Opening Titles serve as a poignant reflection of our main character’s journey, navigating through the darkness of his life, devoid of balance and purpose, until he finds himself amidst the vibrant and lively Jeepney Race. Here, engaged in something creative and fulfilling, his zest for life is reignited.

This transformative journey is mirrored in the film’s Art Direction, transitioning from a subdued color palette to a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues, symbolizing a rebirth of sorts.

For us Cookies, nothing brings greater joy than infusing our creations with creativity and flavor, leaving a lasting impression that tantalizes both the senses and the soul!

Making Of


Graphika Manila

Direction & Production
Cookie Studio

Creative Director
Thiago Maia

Josephine Brown

Craig Dolan & Silvia Villar

Doug Ferreira

Art Direction
Juan Barabani

Juan Barabani, Victoria Farelli & Dilan Gama

Character Rigging
Rafael Arame

Character Animation
Rafael Arame & Silvia Villar

Rafael Arame, Mandu da Silvia Junior & Silvia Villar

3D Modelling
Felipe Dias

Cel animation
Andreia Serrano

Mandu da Silvia Junior, Thiago Maia & Silvia Villar

Music & Sound Design
Box of Toys

JP Bacallan