Mastercard Olivier Awards

  • Award-Worthy Ingredients

When Craft LDN came knocking, seeking a Mastercard sponsorship ad for the prestigious Olivier Awards, we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the theatre world.

Pooling our creative ingredients, we crafted a series of animations paying homage to the backstage luminaries – from the makeup artists to the set designers and conductors.

Infusing the mix with character animation and a generous helping of AE magic, we whipped up a delectable array of treats, celebrating those who make the magic happen behind the curtains. It was a truly savory tribute to the heart and soul of theatre production!

Making Of



Direction & Production
Cookie Studio

Creative Director
Thiago Maia

Josephine Brown

Dilan Gama

Silvia Villar, Mandu da Silva Jr, Guly Porto, Andrei Mallmann & Doug Alexis