Mizuno Heritage

  • Fast-Paced Feast

Thiago, an avid runner himself, was over the moon when we kicked off this exciting project for Mizuno. We rolled up our sleeves in the kitchen of creativity, concocting a tantalizing recipe featuring a delightful blend of cel effects and live action.

With each step and frame meticulously crafted, we hit our rhythm and sprinted toward success, delivering a film that seamlessly merges the best of both worlds. It’s a masterpiece that’s sure to leave viewers breathless and eager for more!

Making Of



Direction & Production
Cookie Studio

Creative Director
Thiago Maia

Josephine Brown

Alexis Rabuef

Cel Animation
Ana Artaza & Auszamen Searles

Cel Effects
Andreia Serrano

Clean Up
Andreia Serrano, Auszamen Searles & Zuzanna Odolczyck